We are not your typical tailoring shop...

A garment that fits perfectly makes us look our best - slimmer, taller, straiter! Unfortunately, few of us are shaped perfectly to the dimension those same clothing designers use when they create a garment. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for a less that runway perfect fit. Our team of fifteen (yes, fifteen) professional tailors and seamstresses are your answer. Coming from some of the finest fashion houses in the world, we know how to preserve the designer details when we do it, and have you runway ready. Some of our clients call it magic, we call it β€˜loving what we do'.



Please not that all prices are quoted as a base price and subject to change. Actual amount may vary based on construction, fabric and condition of individual items. Please feel free to come and speak with any of our expert tailors and seamstresses to more accurately price any our services.