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Once upon a time, Joseph Aviles bought into a dry-cleaning franchise called Betty Brite in Colts Neck, NJ. He and his wife, Victoria, grew their business on three founding values. Caring for each garment with all their heart, treating their customers like 'royalty', and making their lives as convenient as their own mother use to. Years later they moved to New York City, and brought the wonderful service they loved to provide with them. Bridge Cleaners & Tailors was born.


Today, Victoria, her son Richard, (and the most passionate team of garment care specialists) continue caring for each garment like Joseph used to all those years ago. Love for what we do, coupled with an award-winning eco-friendly production facility and a fourteen expert tailors - our family cares for your garments, making certain that everyone of your beloved pieces, from 'toes to nose' is Fit for Royalty. (To read the long, lovey-dovey version of our story, click here)



204 Livingston Street (@ Hoyt St.) 

Brooklyn, NY 11201 



Monday - Thursday     7:30am - 6pm

Friday                        7:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday                    8am - 5pm

Sunday                       Closed 


2, 3, A, C, G to Hoyt St/Schermerhorn

A, C, F, N, R to Jay Street/MetroTech

N, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Court Street/Borough Hall

B, D, N, Q, R - DeKalb Ave 


Bridge Cleaners & Tailors sits right in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn.

We're located on Livingston Street, right across the street from Macy's. (And yes, we do remember when it was A&S). For those of you who may be wondering if we moved and if this is our new location - the answer is yes. You may remember us when we were originally located at 384 Bridge St. Then we moved temporarily across the street (to 401 Bridge St.) while we were constructing our state-of-the-art cleaning facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Things happen for a reason, right? Our boutique is more beautiful and inviting than ever before. This is the original and only Bridge Cleaners & Tailors location in Brooklyn. 


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We don't know how important that is to you, but it's something we feel very strongly about. Joseph and Victoria were there for the very first Earth Day celebration in Union Square Park in 1970. It's been more than four decades since that day, but our dedication to living every day with an eye to cleaner, more sustainable environment hasn't changed a bit. As proud Four Leaf members of the Green Cleaners Council, we are delighted to not having just invested in cleaning processes with the smallest footprints on the planet. We promise to keep pushing to make important new strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment, without suffering the quality of what we love and do best.

Clean Neighbors

Clean Convenience

We love our home, and love our neighborhood. With so many great people and business nearby, we really dig collaborating with you on what your passionate about, especially the arts and educational organizations.

How could we be 'Fit for Royalty' if we couldn't make your experience with us more convenient? Our bio-diesel vans, along with our advanced scheduling system ensures your garments are picked-up & delivered when works for you, without wasting unconscious time on the road. You can sign up for our Delivery Service here.

Clean Family

Clean Thinking

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors is a family. We are warm, caring, intelligent people who love fashion, love to serve, and love the environment. We believe that being 'Green' is more than just how garments are cleaned, but rather how we each can make proactive changes to better serve you, your garments, and our planet.

Being a Green Cleaner isn't about switching from old, conventional solvents and using the 'organic' ones that everyone keeps making noise about. Being a green cleaner also isn't a goal. This is a lifestyle that we lead. Never satisfied, always learning and moving forward to build the best, and most responsible business we can. 


Pick- up & Delivery to compliment our great quality and service

- totally complimentary.

Our pick-up and delivery service is convenient and very accommodating - allowing you go about your day, and not worry about the hassle of lugging those heavy awkward bags to the cleaners. We have a few little rules that if we both follow, could make working together much easier and efficient.

We're Here to Listen

Our family eagerly awaits your feedback! Questions, Comments, Special Requests, Cries of Disapproval? We are here to listen to it all. One of our family members will get back to you, and quickly. Your praise, inquiries, and concerns are all invaluable to us. Thank for you taking a moment to reach out.